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Fees range from $599-$799, optional monthly maintenance fees range from $5-$19 a month.

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Repayment & Consolidation

Income Driven Repayment plans help you make your monthly payment.


Take all of your student loan payments and combine them into one monthly payment.

Public Service

These programs offer low monthly repayment plans

Here’s how you can manage your student loans
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Do you make multiple student loan payments every month? You can cut the confusion and possibly take all of your student loan payments and combine them into one monthly payment. Consolidating could make your monthly payments manageable, and could offer alternative repayment plans.


Repayment & Consolidation

Are you low income? Do you have a hard time meeting your monthly payment? Income Driven Repayment plans could be an option for you. There are options available that can help you repay your student loans.

Public Service

If you work in public service, such as a school, hospital or a nonprofit organization, there are student loan options available. These programs could offer low monthly repayment plans and consolidation opportunities. Public Service is also available to local, state, and federal government employees. 


Submitting your applications correctly and in a timely manner could result in lower monthly payments so give us a call today!

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We start by providing a complimentary, no obligation federal student loan evaluation.

Our team of advisors are here to help you payoff your federal student loans. We handle all of your applications for you, so there’s less chance you’ll be denied. 

We’ll find the best consolidation or repayment option for you. 

What exactly do we do?

  • Guide you in creating a FSA ID (you need this to apply for programs)
  • Evaluate your loans
  • Determine eligibility for repayment and consolidation plans
  • Find you the lowest payment possible
  • Submit consolidation and income driven repayment applications at the same time (if you’re in default, you must send in both completed applications with income verification)
  • Double check all forms to help prevent being denied
  • Once approved, we update you on the new payment plan.
  • Every year you need to be re-certified to qualify for the repayment plan for the upcoming year - we handle this for you
  • Four months before re-certification, we contact you and gather all information needed and submit that for you
  • If you qualify for Public Service Loan (PSL), it’s required to submit your employment certification every two years
  • Continuously monitor all applications and handle any issues that come up